– A mountain of new stuff –


Well not really a mountain but here it is.

Update your Avatar 2.0 to the latest version (1.10b) cuz some of this stuff wont work right with older versions. (if the update server isn’t responding or only giving you a notecard, try again later)

also i finally got around adding the male hoodies to the marketplace.

Visit my marketplace page to see them all.

– Updates and new stuff –

– Long hoodies for the U & A male mesh body –


This took me way longer than it should have but here they are, currently only available in my ingame store. The sleeveless version was also supposed to be out along with these but i realized that i have forgot to make the actual U & A version of it, only made the LL avatar version, so those are gonna come soon.


The avatar 2.0 and the M3 mesh head got some updates and these are:

M3 1.9.0
Added a Center option to the roll menu.
Changed the HUD position from right to the left side of the screen, now the HUD automatically hides it’s options menu offscreen. This is a  workaround for the annoying problem of the invisible part of the HUD blocking your mouse clicks.
Fixed some permission errors with the bonus items.
Few changes to the script

The head is prepared to work with a texture applier and some other stuff that im gonna be releasing any day now. What the applier does is, it makes things easier for both mod creators and mod consumers, it allows modders to package and sell their M3 texture mods without having to make them full perm or give out UIIDs and users can now just apply the mods with one click of a button and not have to deal with copypasting UIIDs into the hud one by one.

Avatar 2.0 – 1.10b
A few minor bug fixes that caused clipping with the new set of clothes that are also coming soon.
Reorganized hideable ares on the chest.

(NO this is not the update with hand positions and boob sizes and all that good shit that i was talking about, this is just a small maintenance update)

– Coming soon! –

A bunch of skin tight clothing for Avatar 2.0, stuff like bike shorts, socks, gloves, pantyhose and other stuff. The M3 applier thing and another thing that i do not yet know how to describe.  After all that is done, imma work on Rikugou some more.

– Third Party Content –

– MoMo Fashion –

MoMo fashion is making stuff that is compatible with Avatar 2.0, visit their store to see more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/64075/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=avatar+2.0



Blouse for avatar 2.0 by Sepph

Sepph has released a bunch of shirts that work with avatar 2.0, now this shirt is a bit of a tight fit and will clip, there fore they have included specially made alpha maps for all 12 skin tones.

These are just a few, check out their store for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/120513/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=blouse


Moan bumper for M3 by SmexyL

This is a Bumper that animates the M3 face and makes a moan sounds and more, read the full description on the item page


– Drax Files –

My buddy Drax who makes all sorts of informative and entertaining second life videos has started a new series about people who create the world of second life. I like these particular series the most cuz it always shows something i have never knew existed in the game, furthermore it shows me that second life isn’t all about cock walkers and shitty clubs and that there’s so much more to it.

Anyway this is my favorite episode because its kinda a bit mind blowing.


That’s it for now,  Gonna update the CCD later too.

– Sleeveless hoodies for Avatar 2.0 –

And they are done.

They come in 2 versions, hood up and hood down, LL versions and alphas are also included but you should read the details and try the demos first. An unexpected side effect is that the hood works with Rikugou’s head too.

Next up, the M3 mesh anime head

– Long hoodies –

And here they are, these hoodies come in 4 different variations of hood up/down and open closed, they also include tintable mesh hair that goes under the hood.

If you wanna use your own hair with it, you can rez your favorite hair on the ground, unlink the front of it and only use that as hair. If you wanna use the hoodie with an anime head, you can increase the size of the hood by increasing the head size in the appearance editor.


I have split off the sleeveless version of the hoodie into a separate project, its going to be released soon too.

– some random anouncements and other stuff –

– Avatar 2.0 feet sink bug –

Okay, so the first thing im gonna talk about is one really annoying glitch with the Avatar 2.0, that made the avatar’s feet sink into the ground. This is one of those things, that either no one noticed, or didn’t find it to be significant enough to report to me, so i was beginning to think that im the only one having it, . SL used to have an account bound avatar height glitch with early versions of viewer 2.0 and i thought it was just more of that. But i had the same happening on my alt so i decided, also it was something directly related to the shoe platform thing, and the only way to fix that was to detach the avatar, the shoe platform, and than put the avatar back on and the shoe platform after that. But that was kinda annoying to do every time you log in, so i decided to look more into this and do some experiments and figure out why this is happening.

So here’s what i found out, and im afraid this is kind of out of my hands.
Okay so here how this works, the second life avatar skeleton has toe bones, but they aren’t used to move the toes, they are used to elevate the avatar.

The LL avatar shoe clothing layer has options for heel height and platform height, and are mostly used together with high heel or platform sculpted or mesh shoes. When you increase the height of the platform or the heal, the toe bones get offset downwards and lifts up your avatar.

I have rigged the toe bones to the toes of my avatar’s foot to illustrate what happens, when the shoe platform lifts the avatar up.
This is the default toe bone position when not wearing anything

This is the how the toe bones get offset when wearing a shoe platform.

Now here’s where the problem begins with rigged meshes that have custom joint positions. after reloging, and sometimes even changing your mesh outfit, your feet start to sink into the ground.

What i think happens is, when you log in, everything your wearing is being loaded on you in a particular order, clothing layers always load first, the shoe layer loads and puts its offset values into the toe bones, than the mesh body loads and and uses its own joint offset values on the toes, resetting all the values made by anything else before it, to zero. This causes the avatar to sink.

If you remove the shoe layer, it also removes the values that it have set on the toes, but but the toes where reset to zero by the body already, the shoe platform doesn’t know this and still takes away the value it had set, causing the toe bones to get offset in the opposite direction.

here’s an example:

lets say the shoe platform had the platform height set to +50(toe offset is +50 down)
now you put on the body, and its toe height is set to 0, this value overrides the +50 set by the shoe platform and turns it to 0(the toes are back in place at 0)
now you remove the shoe platform, it retracts its +50, but since its 0 already and there’s nothing to retract from, that +50 turns into a -50(the toes go +50 up in the opposite direction)

a temporary work around for this is to remove both the shoe platform and the avatar body, than put on the avatar body, and after that put on the shoe platform, in this order, nothing glitches.

i could easily fix this by just removing the toe bones from the mesh body, but i can no longer upload such meshes do to something LL changed in the uploader :C Altho, juging from the log, i might have screwed something in my test, so imma do some more testing before i submit this bug to SL jira LLModelPreview::verifyCount: Error: (expected/got)8911/8575verts

– Hoodies –

Okay, now onto something more interesting :D

Here’s a preview of the latest new thing im working on right now, its almost done.

This is going to be a hoodie that can be both open and closed and have the hood up and down.

After im done with this, the next thing im finally gonna start working on, will be the M3 mesh anime head. Ill post more details about all the features and what to expect .

– Flufee on a Meshion –

My buddy Drax has made another episode of his SL tv show “Flufee on a Meshion” witch features my avatar 2.0 \O/ check it out.

– More COD –

And Speeking of videos, i made some more COD videos that i forgot to show.


Well that’s all for now.

– First sets of clothes for Avatar 2.0 –

The first few sets mesh clothing for the Avatar 2.0 mesh body and many more to come in the future. All these items are also fully compatible with Anahi’s .:U & A:. body and half of them even work with the LL avatar, but read all the warnings and descriptions carefully before purchasing anything if you do not intend to use it with the Avatar 2.0.

– Tank Top –

Fat packs

– Open Shorts –

Fat pack

– Short Hoodie –

Fat pack

– Punk Skirt –

– Stockings –

– Skate Shoes –

Fat packs

– Boots –

– Other –

That’s it for now, way more clothing items coming in the future. Next few sets of clothes are coming after the addons and upgrades for Rikugou are finished, stay tuned.