– M4 Venus skins –

Kept forgetting to do this post and its kinda long overdue but for anyone that still needs a good skin for their M4 venus head that also includes a matching neck texture, the wait is over.
Heres a few skins that i know of myself, There could be more skins on the marketplace so you will have to dig around for them and if you find any or you are skin creator, send me a link and i will include it in this post.

{HIME*DREAM} Kumiko Skin Mod - (M4 Venus/Kemono Body) READ DESCRIPTION

More skins suggested by users:



– More new stuff from ABC –

ABC has made a bunch of new things for the kemono avatar.

The kemono chest mods.

2 new clothing items to go along with the male torso.

Rez your update cards for all the ABC tops because the new bouncy boobs are already compatible with all the ABC tops.



The boobs are fitted mesh, meaning they can be sized and also work with second life boob physics!

The male torso also comes with a muscle tone material applier hud thing witch adds muscle definition that is compatible with any kemono skin.


– Simple texture applier –

Okay so this is kinda like a few years late but anyway, since a lot of people dont know scripting and dont know anyone else who could script for them, i have made this simple texture applier script that texture modders can use to sell their texture mods without having to give out full perm textures.


Edit: WordPress fuck up the script so i have pasted it here instead. http://pastebin.com/Rn1WNKKY

Paste your UIIDs in between the ” ” where it says UIID goes here. If you have more than one face you need to apply textures to, duplicate the “integer” and “llSetTexture” lines and change the numbers to 2,3,4 and so on. You can set different textures to different faces by pasting different UIIDs, like for example if you are making a Rikugou mod. Set your scripts to no transfer and no mod when you are done adding your UIIDs, to use this applier, you will need to rez the clothing or whatever item on the ground, drop the applier inside it and click it to apply, delete the script from the item contents when you are done and take the item back to your inventory.

Thats all.

– Kemono is now the number 2 best selling marketplace item –


Yesterday it was in the third place, today second, could it possibly take the first place :O? Meanwhile AMH is a Kemonotown xD, i have created a monster, and its loose.

– Kemono mods –

I was like, going to make one of those mod features like i did for Rikugou, Avatar 2.0, and M3, but holy shit, this thing just exploded in these few days The Kemono has been out. Theres just too many awesome mods for me to list, go to the markeplace and check them all out.


This all gives me more incentive to make that dummy.blend file faster.



– More third party mods and addons for Avatar 2.0 and Rikugou –

Im gonna start this of with a video i came across by accident, while browsing youtube in a party at friend’s place, i didn’t even know what i was looking for cuz i was too piss drunk and high, it was a nice surprise and kinda trippy too so i wrote it down on my phone so that i wouldn’t forget it (i forgot i wrote it down for like a week tho) Anyway the video is pretty awsome so check it out

So here’s the awesome new third party stuff

Rikugou + BG feline mods by ::Static::

This isn’t really a mod for Rikugou but it requires Rikugou’s head and hair in combination with the Blue Galaxy feline avatar. Click the store banner above to go to the Static store and see all the colors versions of this mod.

Content by Simplicity

She has made way to many skins, make up, clothing items and other stuff for me to list here so click the banner to go to the marketplace store of Kaie Kaur and check all that stuff out.

Rikugou Lite furry skin mods by No Pants

some really nice looking skins. Click the banner to go check them all out(there’s more).

Rikugou Lite plug suit mods by .:FLFF:.

Click on one of these images to go to the .:FLFF:. store and check out all her mods(there’s more).

Stuff by Katsu Swords (Chomps)

She only started but she already has some interesting stuff, click on one of these 2 images to go to her store.

– Rikugou mods top 10 –


So i have seen lots of different custom Rikugou avatars over the year, some inspired me and made me go all “why haven’t i thought of that myself D:” and some made me kinda regret i made Rikugou modable xD. Although i have seen some way more booring and sometimes even just god awful mods, than mods that are actually really good, it still makes me happy that that i gave that ability to Rikugou, i think its its major selling point too. Every time i saw something cool, i took a snapshot of it, and a lot of those snapshots have piled up in my Rikugou folder and i was organizing them and i thought, why not make a top 10 of these mods that i like best. But a simple top 10 wouldn’t cut it because some where just quick changes to the prim color and others had way more effort put into them than that, it wouldn’t be fair to compare them on the same criteria, so i split it up into 2 separate top 10s.

Well anyway, without any further to do, here’s the top 10 color combination and a top 10 original mods.

– Top 10 color combinations –

Simple mixing and matching of standard Rikugou parts and changing their colors to make interesting and sometimes really badass combinations.

1. Hiyori mode

She gets the first place cuz not only does she have a nice ice cream and black color combination going on, she’s also one of the not so many people who put a little bit more time and effort and edits her textures in photochop instead of just setting the prim colors. This makes her colors look more live and vibrant since the white highlights are preserved that way.


You can check out a few other texture mods by her on her marketplace page

2. Haruka Mistwood (Misaka)

She has that really overall elegant look and bad ass black and blue color combination.


Report to the ship as soon as possible, we’ll bang, okay?

3. epacsteN

She has a few good combinations, im adding 2 of them here, the reason is that it is easy to just take red or blue or just pure black, pure white or any other color that everyone and their mom usually picks, but not everyone dares to take on some of the non traditional colors or color combinations. epacsten Does a good job at that.



4.Kaori Yatsenko

I really dig the white, lime green, copper, Anubis armor and blond hair combination



This chick from Australia whos name i forgot is another one of those people that does a good job at picking and contrasting some of the less traditional colors .



Another person who’s name i don’t know, i like the shiny black with a little bit of white and blue + Anubis top thing going on.


7. Ruby

Has this nice black and shiny red thing going on.



I like the mono color + cyan text combination, i also like that its not pitch black, its more like really dark grey, that way it still looks black but you can see all the details. A lot of people do the mistake of making things too black, the details disappear in the blackness and it just looks really cheap.


9. Sumi

She has a nice shiny glowing black and gold thing going on.



Another black and red mod, i just have a thing for black and red i guess.

black red

– Top 10 original modifications –

These involve a bit more effort than just changing the colors through the build menu, these are modifications that are a result of mixing, matching and linking different kinds of non Rikugou objects, custom textures and outside SL texture edits.


This cyber lizard demon chick who’s name i don’t remember. I really like her mod cuz it involves some extensive texture editing, a smart use of the shiny effect on the skin in combination with a specially made skin texture, the animated prim chain tail and some other minor but nice details.


The screenshots do not do the justice since you need to see the dynamic shine effect on her skin.

2. Hiyori mode

And again for taking the time and editing her textures in photochop.



Sorry dude forgot your name, but you have a really nice color + booster and head combination going there, your char looks really unique.



This chick that i only managed to catch a short glimpse of before she teleported away. I think she was going for  Inia Sestina look from muv-luv and did a really good job on it.


Thank you for the boner.

5. Fauqs

I like the idea of covering the skin, the mass effect arm computer goes well with the theme and that shotgun on her leg is a nice touch too.


Her avi gave me a few ides for my own customization

6. Sex Doll

Im not really sure if this belongs in a Rikugou top 10, but than again the person in the third place didn’t use the head either. Anyway the reason i like this one is because of the nice idea for a custom plug suit texture, if worked on this more, it can turn out to be something really cool.



Rikugou ninja chick, i like the hair, goes well with the sword and all, overall looks badass.


8.  Samus Aran mods

Now these are mods by multiple people, don’t know any of their names but they are all Samus Aren so im gonna put them all together in here.


Heres an idea for you Riku Samuses, make a zero suit out of the core but keep the arm and leg armor.

9. Bunny tits

That’s not really her name but i always get too distracted by her prim tits to look at her name tag, i couldn’t find a snapshot with her prim tits version of this mod tho :C But anyway, this is the first Rikugou furry mod i have ever seen and it works pretty well.



This Hatsune Miku mod was probably one of the first ones that i saw that would fit this category of people going beyond just changing colors. I couldn’t find a better picture of it tho :C


Well that,s that, maybe i should do this some time again when im gonna release a new upgrade for Rikugou and do it seriously next time. I should announce a date on witch people who wanna participate can come to show off their mods and the winners would get the new upgrade first a few days before its release, and maybe some other prizes for second and third places.