– Rikugou customization contest pics and video –

Heres the video and some pictures of the event.

Also the event music playlist is here : https://soundcloud.com/game-exe/sets/rikugou-event-mmusic

Best Robit :3

Gas Cap

Robit Contest 2016 :D

1st Place Anime Bastion


1st Place Male

Contest Winners :D

Honorable Mentions

– Looking back at 2015 parts 2-4 –

Ok the rest is done too, enjoy!

Part 2 – the fun part

Part 2 of the part 2! – The boring part of part 2

Part 3 – the best part

Part 4 – mostly left over material that didnt make it into the other videos.

– Looking back at 2015 part 1 –

Im kinda really late with this but 2015 was a very good year and i had over 3 hours of recordings to go through, this is video 1 of fuck knows how many that’s coming after it, enjoy!

– Goodbye Advanced Warfare –

It’s just a few days remaining till BO3 so its time to wrap things up with AW.

– Little shop of horrors –

Grab some popcorn.

– New videos! –

Made a few new videos

– slamdunk –

– Some modeling and rigging stuff –

i was cleaning up my videos folder and found these 2 vids, hope these are useful for learning to anyone.


– The valentine’s day event video –

This is a bit late but i finally made a video of the valentines day event, enjoy.

– The chronicles of Marysue –

Heres a leasson on what not to do if you wish to create a compelling character and story.