– Rikugou – Anubis armor –

And its done :D

Introducing the first set of armor upgrades for Rikugou, now available on the marketplace as well, click the image to go to the product marketplace page to find out more details about this set.

The in world launch couldn’t go without any problems as usual lol, problems with the sword and me including the wrong manual mostly, but fixed all that stuff in the end.
if you where one of the 64 first ones to get it yesterday, you can do the following things to fix your sword. You can rez your update card to get the latest version that includes the right manual this time and all 3 versions of the sword fixed. If you hate unpacking and stuff, you can manually fix the sword by resetting the script inside the folded sword on the back.

It also completely slipped my mind to include any kind of shoe platforms, if your legs are sinking into the ground a bit, wear the one included with Rikugou(if i included any with her) or some other thing or make your own.

Heres some stuff you can do with it.

Hope it was worth the wait.


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  1. さんのメカマフィン says:


  2. Probably the wrong place for this, but the Bonus Items in latest RIKU update appear to still have the leg-flip decal problem, though the officially-colored avatar parts are correct. ;-) I haven’t ruled out human error (i.e. mine) here, though, as I ended up working with three different boxes of RIKU (ooo) at one point during setup of my latest body iteration. Still, if the Bonus Items are incorrect, this serves as a heads-up. :-)

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