– Google, the cancer of the internet –


Back in the day, google used to be something that is in touch with what the people like you and me really need, they where the visionaries and innovators and always on top of things. But all that has started to slowly change when Google was bought by that whatever its name larger company that now runs it. The first fail was the google laptop that couldnt do anything other than google search the internet. Than the internet censorship began and google started blocking websites that random entities with money and influence didnt want you to see. from the day google got acquired by that large soulless company, i felt this worry that it will all go to shit somehow, and i was right. Like cancer google was spreading, its tendrils penetrating every aspect of the internet till it became an inseparable part of your online life. Your search engine, your web browser, your email service, your chat, your phone number, your smartphone, your contacts, every website you visit in form of google adds, and finaly the tendrils reached one of the internet’s vital organs, youtube.
The more google integrated into our online experience, the less personal, our personal life has become. google knew everything about us, our search preferences, our contacts, the contents of our mail. It held our privacy in its hands. And once its got everything from you, it changed its policies, and shared your personal information with third parties.
google is no longer about you, your interest and your convenience, it is no longer about your privacy, it is all about the profit it can gain from exploiting you.

And now they are holding youtube hostage in exchange for the last remaining bit of your social private life left.

Google is the new EA, they see something that is nice and popular, they buy it and screw it up,  change everything that made it good, and not paying attention to what the people want, like youtube.

Their latest move to make people use google+

google+ sucked ass and no one wanted to use it, so they forced it down our throats anyway, at first they annoyed us with constant reminders that we should use our real names for our youtube channels, despite us constantly clicking no, and than the google+ comments shit.

Im going to let these videos explain what is going on.



I am no longer able to reply to comments on my videos, i am not able to comment on other videos, i will not updgrade my account to google+, they can go fuck themselves, i never used social networking and i do not intend to start using it. I will still be using youtube to upload my video tutorials, but disable comments and link viewers to the comment sections of those tutorials posted on this blog in case they wanna comment and stuff, but all my future more serious video animation projects will be uploaded to vimeo, im also switching from google search to yahoo search and rooting my android phone or getting a microsoft phone or some shit. Thank god i kept resisting all that other bullshit google tried to sell me for all these years, never used gmail or gchat or any of that crap and im glad i didnt.

This was rant 1 of 3, the next 2 will be about how IW killed call of duty and why pacific rim was a shitty ass movie.


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11 Responses to – Google, the cancer of the internet –

  1. Matteste Elton says:

    Google is becoming like the “Sons of the Patriots”.

  2. miniaturemechamusume says:

    I like google+ more than facebook.
    Because when someone asks if they can add you as a friend, just say you have google+ and you’ll never have to deal with it again. :D

  3. woop woop woop.. says:

    why was pacific rim shit ass movie? i think it was ok not bad not good xD

    • well part of it is how overgloryfied it is by fat neckbeards, they see something epic where there isnt any epicness.

      • Motoko Henusaki says:

        Giant robots punching the shit out of alien creatures isn’t exactly something that regularly drops out of big-budget Western productions. By that definition, it is bloody exciting watching, even if it isn’t epic by the strictest definition of the word.

      • western or not, i have seen better and, i dont give special treatment to stuff just because it came from an unlikely source.

  4. Shinssue says:

    Why look this mecha parody anyway?

  5. Tigersan says:

    Hey if you want a good search engine try startpage.com it still uses the google engine for the results but keeps you anonymous, so no personalisation of results and google doesnt know whos asking. its awesome.

  6. Jiala Aeon says:

    Think this is relevant.

    Its a college humor video meant to be a joke, but it seems… rather like its becoming reality.

  7. SysOp says:

    Love Google. Still better than patent trolling Apple. Can’t wait to see what they do with their new robotics division, especially now that they’ve bought DeepMind AI.

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