– Updates and other cool stuff –

– Updates –

Get your update cards out for these hot new updates for all the m3 heads and avatar2.0

M3 Anime head v1.12.21:
-Head was restructured for better blinking code optimization, this fix should end the double eyelash thing once and for all, i hope…
-Added diagonal eye rolls in the roll menu.(finally!)
-Removed downwards eye angles from eye movement to fix the “I’ve seen some shit” look on your avatar’s face. (downwards angles can still be selected from the roll menu)
-Code optimizations regarding link tracking and other stuff.

M3 Venus Head v1.12.51:
-Fixed a bug with the tongue out + voice chat mouth animations causing the left eye to go blank.
-Removed downwards eye angles from eye movement.
-Code optimizations.

M3 Kemono Head v1.13.30:
-Optimized blinking, this hopefully fix any blinking bugs.
-Fixed broken voice chat animation.
-Removed downwards eye angles from eye movement.
-Code optimization.

Avatar 2.0 v1.12.27:
-Fixed a bug with custom textures not applying to eyelashes.
-Fixed the no copy issue with the main box.
-Added the missing voice chat animation gestures.
-Code optimizations.

Theres also something updated with the kemono body itself, i think the link tracking thing but im not sure cuz i forgot D:

The downwards angles explained

In reality, when the human eye is looking down, the eyelid moves down too, covering the white part above the iris. On SL however, this doesn’t happen, leaving your avatar with this really uncanny “I’ve seen some shit” look on your avatar’s face. So we removed the ability for the eye to look down during eye movement. But all the downwards angles can still be set through the eye roll menu in the options so no changes there.

– Rikugou customization contest 2! –

As the work on the armors is closing a finish, it’s probably a good idea to give you guys a heads up, theres gonna be another Rikugou customization contest at launch of the 2 new armors, so you guys would have plenty of time to prepare for it. So get your Phtochop or MS Paint ready cuz you might be the lucky winner of one (or both) of the new armors !

More details about the contest will come soon.

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21 Responses to – Updates and other cool stuff –

  1. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    2? I thought there was supposed to be 3 new armors.

    As for the contest, it will be nice to see what kind of ideas people has managed to come up with.

  2. eksynn says:

    there’s some kind of bug with the venus’s eye lashes that 1, it doesn’t keep a tinted colour once you tint it (it changes right back to black once the head blinks), and 2, the ‘closed’ eyelid state’s lashes still has no texture map assigned to it

  3. Narbonic says:

    Would it be possible to push an update for the Heads’ HUDs that lets you enter RGB colors for eyes and skin tint using a text box or a text command rather than endless arrows-clicking?

  4. Meowzer says:

    Not sure what causes this -> Eyelashes with retro applier and without applies to all eye states except for the standard open state.

  5. Meowzer says:

    Ignore all the double posts, comments didn’t go through and i couldn’t remove em now that I noticed they are posted. xD But thanks!

  6. Tuskegee Ace says:

    Come on come on come on..I need the armor, I need my fix.

  7. Kourtnee says:

    The scripting is finally progressing smoothly.

    I had an obligation to complete a different project, before continuing with Rikugou, which took more time than I planned for.

    Also, I ran into a very annoying bug that I couldn’t fix; I had to rebuild a script and figure out how to avoid triggering the bug instead.

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